Put it in a Pancake!

3 Jan
The softer, orange-fleshed variety of sweet po...

The softer, orange-fleshed variety of sweet potato, commonly referred to as a yam in the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really like pancakes but don’t care for traditional pancakes smothered with commercial pancake syrup so I am always trying something new.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!  I also don’t like throwing food away and so I store leftovers in the freezer or refrigerator and either heat them as they are or do something different with them.

I had some leftover sweet potatoes already steamed and was almost going to make some muffins with them but decided to put some in my pancakes.  I tried this once before but the last time I tried them, I mixed the sweet potatoes into the batter and the pancakes turned out rubbery.  What I tried this time was  to drop little bits of the cooked sweet potato into the pancake that I just put in the fry pan and I thought they turned out great.  I’ve made pancakes with all kinds of fruits before but this was the first time I put a cooked vegetable into a pancake.

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