#Blackfish and the #CyberWhaleWarrior Cry

11 Dec

The documentary Blackfish is an eyeopener about orcas in captivity! Thanks to astute tweeters and the use of the hashtag #Blackfish, twitter is ablaze with tweets about the injustice to orcas and other captive marine mammals. Read this blog to learn more about advanced twitter techniques to use to end the madness and cruelty associated with orcas in captivity!


Vegan Spotlight

After being offline for a couple of months, I am quite pleased to see the activity in cyberland. The new documentary, Blackfish, has created quite a stir and cyber-activists have taken advantage of this by literally taking the internet by storm. The Blackfish tag is trending on most any social media platform even as you read this. On Twitter, for example, you can conduct a search for “#Blackfish” or simply click on the tag [try it now >>#Blackfish] to see a constant stream of cries to free sentient beings from captivity.

In March of 2011, I noticed that SeaWorld San Antonio was using the hashtag #SWSA. A few friends and I infiltrated the tag with anti-captivity articles and videos, prompting $eaWorld to abandon use of the tag. Currently, SeaWorld is using such tags as #SeaWorldCares and #SeaWorldRescue. If you understand hashtags, you know that…

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