Why I became vegetarian

I recently became a vegetarian for a lot of reasons  – to maintain my health, reduce my carbon footprint and to stop eating animals who suffer greatly in factory farms.  I was almost a vegetarian before I changed but after watching a lot of documentaries like The Cove, Earthlings, Food, Inc. and learning about easrth’s pending climate disaster on, I decided I must change and find ways to reduce my carbon footprint, so I took the next step and became vegetarian. 

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give up my Greek yogurt or feta cheese but giving up eating meat so far has been pretty easy.  The hardest thing about being vegetarian is finding restaurants and cafes that have vegetarian food.  Yes, they all have salad, and for some restuarants, it’s the only vegetarian item on the menu.

I also love to cook and my friends love eating at my house so the blog was a no-brainer.  I have a year round garden as well but not a huge one.  What I don’t grow, I buy locally from a farmer’s market or local fruit and veggie stand.  Even though I have always eaten whole grains, I’m eating more of them in lots of different ways while experimenting with other types of cuisine such as Indian and Thai. 

The whole ‘factory’ approach to food and all the related industries (factory farms, slaughter houses, meat packing industry, dairy industry) is way out of control – for the well-being of animals raised as food and for the health of people who consume them.

It’s time to change!

2 Responses to “Why I became vegetarian”

  1. WestDeltaGirl June 5, 2013 at 10:45 pm #

    in October 2012, I realized that I was almost vegan, only ate some cheese occasionally. Then I realized I didn’t like it anymore – didn’t taste good. I’m vegan now. Please see the page “I’M NO LONGER VEGETARIAN – I’M VEGAN” My vegetarian recipes can easily be converted to vegan – if you need any help with that, leave a comment on the recipe.


  2. konstantinxikecic March 15, 2015 at 9:09 am #

    Vegetarijanac sam postao pre petnaestak godina i to iz zdravstvenih razloga. Što se tiče ishrane u mom meniju ni do sada nisu bili zastupljeni jaja i pojedini mlečni proizvodi, tako da polako postajem skoro 100% veganac, .


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