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In the Memetime • If you want Bernie Sanders to get elected in 2016

12 Jun

Bernie Sanders is the candidate I want to vote for in 2016 … no one else has a record that fits my criteria of who should be our next president. His record is an open book and consistent from the beginning of his career fighting for Campaign Finance, Civil Liberties, Civil Rights, Dairy & Agriculture, Dental Care, Economy, Education, Energy & Environment, Financial Reform, War and Peace, Media Ownership Telecommunications, Prescription Drugs, Primary Health Care, Seniors, Trade, Transportation & Infrastructure, Veterans, Women’s Rights!

Liam Miller in his article today 5 Things Bernie Sanders Has Said or Done That Should Have Been Political Suicide, But Weren’t” Posted: 06/11/2015 1:30 pm EDT includes a brief history of Bernie’s positions and history on issues that are very important to We the People!

We are getting screwed by the very people we elected to office, but Bernie is not like any one of THEM – he’s fought hard for ‘We the People’ and is not a millionaire like many of the congressional members who get rich in office or upon retiring. 

Let’s help get Senator Bernie Sanders in the Whitehouse before the USA is no longer the land of the free and the name changed to: CORPORATE STATES OF NORTH AMERICA.

Do what Luciferandphilosopher says if you want Bernie Sanders to be our next president:

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People May Die of Thirst as Fossil Fuel Production Exhausts and Pollutes Our Fresh Water Supply

28 Mar
See Gasland: The Movie for more information

See Gasland: The Movie for more information (Photo credit: ltmayers)


All living beings drink water.  When fresh water is used for fracking it takes water permanently out of the TOTAL amount that is drinkable by people and animals. Hydraulic fracturing isn’t the only process that causing pollution – the transport via pipeline, rail cars and trains can also cause severe pollution considering that spills and leaks have happened and continue to happen often. How will farmers grow food if there is no unpolluted water available? 

Doesn’t make sense that frackers are producing a product in which the process will inevitably kill their customers and wildlife as well.

Who are they fracking this fuel for after they contaminate the water supply and kill their customers?


Read more about this: People May Die of Thirst as Fossil Fuel Production Exhausts and Pollutes Our Fresh Water Supply.



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